What are your main products?

We produce both wovens and knits. Jerseys, pants, shorts, jackets, baselayers, etc. We also have a footwear division that makes hiking boots, MX boots, cycling shoes, and other specialty footwear.



What are your MOQs?

We do not have a set assembly MOQ. Your minimums will be dependent on fabric and printing MOQs. In general, you can expect a 500 to 2,000 unit MOQ that the minimum fabric order will yield. Another thing to consider for your overall order (as opposed to per style) is the number of units that will fit efficiently into a 20' or 40' container.



How about your lead times?

Sampling is 7~14 days. Production is 90~120 days after samples are confirmed and materials ordered.



What are the advantages of your Myanmar factory?

While labor costs in Myanmar will be less than China or Taiwan, our final FOB costs from Myanmar will be roughly the same. The main advantage to products being made at our Myanmar factory is that imports into Europe are duty free. The US should follow shortly as well and give Made in Myanmar products this same duty free designation.



If I wanted to begin developing some products with you, what information would I need to provide?

We can work with as much or as little as you can provide. Of course the more thorough your instructions the better. 2D design comps, cross section views, measurements and specs, fabric call outs, original reference samples, etc. are all great to work with.



How does pricing work?

We have a policy of open and transparent pricing, which means we will provide a breakdown of all costs so you can see where every cent is being allocated to. This is especially useful when trying to hit pricing and cost targets.



What new materials and technologies can you offer?

We have a mature network of suppliers who are accustomed to our material quality and delivery requirements. Furthermore. our partners are chosen for their R&D capabilities, which means that we are able to develop new performance materials that offer function as well as aesthetics and comfort.



What is your quality control process?

We have incoming raw materials controls, inline QC, finished goods QC, as well as a final AQL inspection to give approval for a production run to ship.



Sounds great! Who do I contact to get started, and can I schedule a visit?

Of course! Send us an email or give us a call, we'd love to hear from you!