In the early 1980's, DBS Company began its business as an importer of bicycle parts, accessories, and apparel. We offered quality products made in Taiwan to distributors throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. 



While continuing to grow our bicycle business, we also noticed that Motocross was an underserved market. This was especially true of technical apparel products made specifically for riders. DBS was one of the first manufacturers to produce sublimation-printed Motocross jerseys. This process revolutionized the function and look of MX apparel. Jerseys were now able to be made with advanced fabrics, fade-free colors, and bold graphics and designs.

We were also one of the first factories in Asia to make pants and jackets for Motocross. The durability and quality demands of these products were much greater than any traditional garment factory was capable of producing. We were able to overcome these obstacles while at the same time offer an alternative to the steadily rising costs of European manufacturers.


With the knowledge learned from three decades of producing Motocross apparel, DBS has since expanded and added Outdoor, Cycling/MTB, and Performance Footwear to our product lines.


Development and Production

Understanding our customers' requirements to be ahead of the curve when it comes to a product’s design and function, our development and production processes are continuously evolving. Our research staff is constantly in search of new applications, and at the same time thinking of new ways of adapting traditional techniques to our products. We meet with our clients early in the planning stages of a product line to introduce new ideas, materials, trims, and production processes.


Our project managers work closely with client-side developers. Our goal is to translate design comps and tech packs into a product's final state, taking into consideration the original concept, functionality, production efficiency, and price points. From there, a project moves thru the production stages: preparation of materials, components, and accessories, to assembly, quality control, and finally, to packaging and shipping of finished goods.



Built in 1999, DBS' Taiwan headquarters and factory serve as the hub for all aspects of development and production in Taiwan. Materials and components are all brought into this centralized location for quality control, warehousing, and assembly. This four-story, 50,000 square foot facility also serves as our packing and shipping center for all our products made in Taiwan.


Our second main location, DBS Center, in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China, was built to improve on established production methods. Completed in 2005, DBS' China facilities sit on a total of 20.5 acres with eight production lines (expandable) for garment assembly and two footwear production lines. Other buildings include administrative and executive offices and an R&D center. With key components all managed in one location, the advantages of this integrated set-up include lower costs, shortened lead times, and an overall greater control of development and production.



We are currently investing heavily in infrastructure, shifting our focus towards technology and production management systems as a way to remain competitively priced without compromising quality.


Our current expansion effort is in Myanmar (Burma), where we are setting up a new factory to take advantage of duty-free benefits on imports into Europe and hopefully soon the U.S. as well.